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In This Issue: March 2006
  • News at Joe Kort & Associates
  • Sex, Love and Intimacy Workshop for Gay Men in Big Sur, CA
  • Upcoming Spring Couples and Singles Workshops
  • Presentations at Psychotherapy Networker in Washington, DC
  • Joe's Book Updates: Booksigning at Lambda Rising in Washington, DC

News at Joe Kort & Associates
Happy March to everyone. Spring is around the corner!

We are excited about some new offerings and the return of Joe's signature workshops.

Next, Joe continues offering telephone coaching, in addition to his Psychotherapy Practice for individuals, couples, families and groups. Telephone coaching is for those who prefer coaching over therapy. For more information about telephonecoaching versus therapy go to Coaching with Joe to read about the difference between coaching and psychotherapy.

Returning this spring are workshops given by Joe over the past 15 years; Reclaiming the Man In the Mirror, Getting The Love You Want for Couples and Keeping The Love You Find for Singles.

Joe's newest presentation on, "The Sexually Addicted Couple" will be given at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium along with his signature lecture on "Gay and Lesbian Couples Therapy" while doing a booksigning at Lambda Rising in Washington, DC.

And finally, Guy Kettelhack endorses Joe's new book.

See you next month. If you wish to forward this onto your friends please do so with our permission.

Warmly, Joe Kort, MSW, LMSW

Sex, Love and Intimacy Workshop for Gay Men
A workshop on sex, love and intimacy for Gay and Bisexual Men
April 9-16,2006
Esalen in Big Sur, California

This workshop is for partnered and/or single gay men. While male couples can attend it is not designed for the couple. Both partners can work together in exercises but the focus will be on them individually.

Come to UNCOVER and DISCOVER your Sexual Shadow!


We live in a sexually illiterate society. There is little to no permission to examine openly our sexuality in terms of orientation, behavior and fantasies. Most people, gay and straight alike, do not know if their sexual fantasies and/or sexual acts are healthy versus unhealthy. While gay men are more inclined to act out their sexual desires and fantasies more openly than their heterosexual counterparts, there still lies confusion as to what is positive and self-affirming and what is not.

There is also confusion about what is sex, what is love and what is intimacy. This workshop will explore the definitions of each of these and how to integrate them all together for gay men. Much of our culture as gay men, as well as for our heterosexual counterparts, are confused about how to make this integration. There is also confusion about how to have healthy sex, love and intimacy without having to have all of them combined.

This workshop will help clarify all of this.

 How do you define sex?

 What is healthy versus unhealthy sex?

 Do you understand the secret logic of your sexual fantasies?

 What is your sexual shadow?

 Are you sexually addicted, compulsive or just have a large sexual appetite?

 Do you carry sexual shame?

 How do you feel about your body?

 Do you want to improve your sex life?

 Are you getting the love you want in your relationship?

 Are you keeping the love you find when you think you found Mr. Right?

 What is your definition of love?

 What is your definition of intimacy?

 What are the stages of love?

These are just some of the questions we will be examining at the upcoming workshop. The workshop will include guided imagery, experiential exercises, communication exercises and lectures.

We will explore sexual behavior and fantasies with understanding, compassion, and without judgment.

For more information about Reclaiming the Man in the Mirror and for cost, times and registration go to Registration

Upcoming Spring Couples and Singles Workshops

Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop in Royal Oak, MI

Gay and Lesbian Workshop May 5-7, 2006

Royal Oak, Michigan in Joe Kort's Office

I am presenting these workshops for couples based on the best-selling book, Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples by Dr. Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. which can be purchased in Joe's library

This workshop is worth 6 months worth of work and time in couple's therapy. While not a therapy weekend, it is very psycho-educational and therapeutic. You will learn several effective communication exercises which start you in the right direction to work through hard conversations and resolve conflicts with your partner

This is not group therapy of any kind.

Couples often worry that they will be asked to disclose personal information within their relationship. This is not true. The majority of the workshop is private for the couples in terms of what they are discussing. Often couples will come through the workshop and never say anything publicly about the inner workings of their relationship. There is no pressure or requirement for group sharing. The confidentiality and privacy of your relationship is assured unless you decide to disclose yourself at the workshop. This keeps the workshop safe and effective.


Singles Class April 18-May 23, 2006 in Royal Oak, MI


This 6 week workshop is appropriate for singles not currently in a relationship, who are tired of making the same mistakes over and over again and want to learn the secret to finding and keeping lasting love. This workshop is all about transforming the self. Often we are tempted to think the problem is "finding the right person." But this workshop is all about "becoming the right person."

This workshop is also an ideal follow-up workshop for those who have taken the couples workshop. Couples have gone through this workshop together after the couples workshop. It is a great opportunity to reflect on one's self within the relationship.

click here for more details about this workshop:

For more information about cost and times and/or to register for the couples and singles workshops go to Gay and Lesbian Workshop REGISTRATION

Presentations at Psychotherapy Networker Symposium
The Psychotherapy Networker Symposium

March 16 to 19, 2006
Washington, DC

Sex with the City: Treating Sex Addictions
While the prohibitions around discussing addiction to alcohol and drugs have been largely lifted, the taboo around sexual addiction is still powerful and silencing. Yet sexual addiction and compulsivity are on the rise, and many clients and therapists are in the dark about how best to treat sexual acting-out behaviors. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to assess sexual addiction and help clients gain control over their sexual behavior. You’ll discover how the client’s erotic love maps, which include fantasy and ritualized behavior, can provide the blueprint for recovery, and learn a variety of treatment interventions for clients and their partners. We’ll also discuss recent research on effective medications for sexual addictions and assess if and when you should prescribe them.

Gay-Affirmative Couples Therapy for Straight Therapists
You’re a gay-friendly couples therapist, and even though you’re straight, you’re sensitive to homophobia and heterosexist attitudes. So you’re able to do effective therapy with gay and lesbian couples, right? Wrong. Without specific training, both straight and gay couples therapists can unintentionally harm their clients. In this workshop, you’ll gain new understanding of the special clinical issues, such as transference, stages of coming out, and the connection between sexuality and shame, involved in working with gay and lesbian couples. Via discussion, guided imagery, and case examples, you’ll learn about the “doubling” factor in gay and lesbian couples, responsible nonmonogamy among gay male couples, and loss of sexual desire among lesbian couples. You’ll leave with specific interventions and assessment tools that promote gay-affirmative couples therapy.

Joe's Book Updates
10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do To Find Real Love
Lambda Rising
Washington, DC
March 16, 2006 7PM to purchase the book.

Click on the images of the books to purchase either title at Joe's library .

If you want to book a signing or workshops I do anywhere in your area please feel free to contact me at or 248-399-7317.

Read an introduction to the "10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do To Find Real Love.

Joe Kort’s, "10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do To Find Real Love", is a brave, intelligent, rich book. It invites and enables the reader to explore the knottier archetypal forces at work in all of us which make sex and love the exasperating joys they can be. If you want to think more productively not only about your love life, but the deeper meaning of your life as a gay man, read this book.

Guy Kettelhack, Dancing Around the Volcano.


Coming From WW Norton Books by Joe Kort:"Gay Affirmative Therapy for the Straight Clinician: The Essential Guide" by Joe Kort, MSW

This book will offer skills and information to straight therapist working with gay, bisexual and lesbian clients. It is not enough to be gay friendly. It is crucial that therapists be armed with the facts and information to do effective work with their gay, lesbian and bisexual clients.

It is based on my work with Gay and Lesbian clients, my own personal journey as a gay male and psychotherapist of 21 years, along with the information I teach at Wayne State University's School of Social Work on Lesbian and Gay Studies.

Would the small child you once were look up to the adult you have become?
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