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Sexual Addiction

  • I'm a sex addict who'll go with anyone by Joe Kort, MSW ©2012 All rights reserved.

    Dear Attitude, I have always had an active sex life. Throughout my 20's, I was proud never to end an evening without having picked someone up. Apps such as Grindr have only made this easier, but I find myself continually scouring the internet for any encounter I can get. I've promised myself to stop, but can't stay away from the cruising spots near where I live. Some days, I can't even walk past without giving in. I used to take pride in attracting men; now I just go with anyone. Despite feeling dreadful afterwards, I can't stop seeking out sex with strangers.

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  • Out of Control Sexual Behaviors Joe Kort. All rights reserved

    This month I am focusing on the controversy around sexual addiction. In the psychotherapy field the debate is whether or not this is really an "addiction". Raising the conversation to a new level is clinical psychologist David Ley whose upcoming book "The Myth of Sex Addiction" is being released soon.

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  • Playing it Unsafe

    Joe is featured in this article that originally appeared in the Metro Times.  The men begin parking along the quiet residential street in Redford around 9 on Saturday nights — and the last leave around 6 Sunday mornings. In the intervening hours, some 40 to 85 men pay $12 to engage in orgy-style sex in the basement and ground-floor rooms of the ranch-style home. There are few rules. "Don’t ask, don’t tell" is the typical approach to the question of HIV status. And condoms are rarely used. That’s the point at a "bareback" party.

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  • Sexual Anorexia or Low-T? by Joe Kort, MSW ©2004

    The term sexual anorexia  isn’t a common term. Anorexic  usually describes people with an eating disorder who can literally starve themselves to death. Similarly, many people think that sexual anorexia means sexual starvation, or depriving oneself of sexual pleasure. They link it to having a low sex drive and being (low-T). But neither assumption is correct.

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  • Am I a Sex Addict, or Am I a High-T? by Joe Kort, MSW ©2004

    I’ve been a specialist in the field of sexual addiction and compulsivity for almost 20 years. Clients will ask me if they are a sex addict by the specifics of what they’re thinking, doing, and/or wanting to do make them a potential sex addict. For example, does wanting sex every day, or twice a night make them an addict?

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