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All contents ©1995–present by Joe Kort & Associates. For reprint permission, contact us.



  • What is Your Response-Ability in Communication? by Joe Kort, MSW ©2008 All rights reserved.

    The concept of Response-Ability comes from Rick Carson’s “Taming Your Gremlin”. Our interactions with others are dependent on our taking responsibility for our reactions and our responses to what is seen and heard. It is inappropriate to just react and say and do hurtful things to someone out of reactivity. This can only make the problem worse.

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  • And Then There's Maud! Terriers and the People They Own by Joe Kort, MSW ©2007 All rights reserved.

    Have you ever heard of a dog that gives you the middle finger, snubs you when you call, believes that you exist to please her and that she doesn’t have to please you (unless she feels like it)—and channels the worst parts of your mother to boot? A dog that intentionally tries to trip you when you walk downstairs and in the middle of all of your hard work, intentionally shuts off your computer by sitting on the outlet? A dog that laughed at you when you yelled and screamed for obedience? Well that was my dog, Maud, who owned my partner and me for 12 years.

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  • Are You Getting the Love You Want? ©2005 by Joe Kort. All Rights Reserved.

    Imago  is the Latin word for image . Dr. Hendrix developed the premise that your personal imago is a composite of those people who influenced you most strongly at an early age. You find yourself attracted to people with much the same traits as your original caretakers. Unconsciously, then, you’ll bring unresolved childhood conflicts into your romantic relationship—giving your partner the burden of meeting those needs.

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  • How To Get The Most From Couples Therapy

    This document is designed to help you get the most benefit from our work together. It deals with how to prepare for and maximize the value of our sessions and summarizes some brief concepts about relationships and productive couple’s therapy. Your job is to create your own individual objectives for being in therapy. Like a good coach, my job is to help you reach them. I have many, many tools to help you become a more effective partner—they work best when you are clear about how you aspire to be.

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  • Singles Learn How to Make Love Last in Relationship

    Ten gay and heterosexual singles will come together in Royal Oak hoping to answer the same question—how do they make love last?

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  • What is Imago Relationship Therapy?

    Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) is a form of relationship therapy innovated by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. Dr. Hendrix was author of the two Best Sellers "Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples," and "Keeping the Love You Find: A Guide for Singles." It integrates and extends the insights of the major western psychological systems, behavioral science and spiritual disciplines into a uniquely comprehensive and systemic theory of primary love relationships.

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  • The Love Drug by Joe Kort, MSW copyright 2004

    When you look across a crowded room and spot that hot guy, you may think you’ve found the man of your dreams. Usually, it is lust that you are feeling—a purely sexual sensation, until you start to talk to him and get to know him. And suddenly you fall into romantic love.

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  • Rapture or Rupture? You Choose! by Joe Kort, MSW copyright 2004

    Turtles are the partners who use minimizing as a defense to protect themselves from emotions that feel unsafe or extremely uncomfortable. Their goal is not to hurt others with their Turtling, but rather to stay connected to themselves and to the Hailstorm—and this imploding and going inward is the best way they know. Uncomfortable with long conversations, they prefer to keep things short and sweet. That’s how they stay attached to themselves and to their partners. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are meek, shy or introverted. That’s more of a social style that either the Turtle or the Hailstorm might adopt.

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  • The Turtle and the Hailstorm by Joe Kort, MSW copyright 2004

    Relationships take on many forms for couples, families, friends, co-workers, parents, and children. This month I want to focus on two common types of people in these relationships; the turtle and the hailstorm.

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