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Family Issues

  • Name, Rank, and Serial Number: Staying Silent About your Parents by Joe Kort, MSW ©2006. All rights reserved.

    I like to get a sense of new clients’ family backgrounds. In the first few weeks, I ask for data—the facts about who is who, what things happened to them in their childhood, and how they happened. We have not said one negative thing about their families, and yet at this point, clients start getting anxious.

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  • Homo for the Holidays by Joe Kort, MSW ©2004 / revised for 2005

    We gays and lesbians are still recovering from the trauma of the recent political elections; the passing of the bans against marriage for gays and lesbians. With the holidays approaching, my clients talk about how they dread the further trauma of going home to their families and not being able to—or feeling able to—be out and open with them about being gay. They call it depression, but I say trauma because it better expresses something emotionally charged and distressing that happens, leaving you nowhere to release and express the emotions.

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  • Of Families, Love Isolation and Acceptance © 2004 by Joe Kort. All rights reserved JOE KORT SPECIAL TO THE JEWISH NEWS

    Of all the relationships that we will encounter in our lifetime, our family ties are usually the most intense, tightly organized...

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