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  • The Sexually Addicted Couple by Joe Kort, MSW ©2005. All rights reserved.

    When a couple enters therapy and one partner exhibits sexually addictive behaviors, the non-addicted partner (co-addict) often asks me to “Fix my partner!”  Both believe that their only problem is how his/her sexual acting out (SAO) impairs their relationship.

    With all couples, however, I emphasize shared responsibility. When one partner has an addiction, they are an addicted couple.  When the woman is pregnant, they are pregnant. When one has an affair, both share the burden of how it evolved and how to resolve it.

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  • Making Addiction Crystal Clear ©2005 by Joe Kort. All rights reserved.

    Drugs and alcohol are part of our American culture. Their use is rampant among gay men, since the bars are a main social outlet. The anxiety of walking into a gay bar and hoping to meet Mr. Right, or even make friends, can be excruciating. Alcohol and drugs can help to ease that anxiety. But how much use is too much?

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